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well, it’s not that blank actually… there are all these buttons on the blog site, like bold, italic, etc. but still, what i’m supposed to write does not appear on the screen. today is my “writing day” and i’ve been sitting for quite a long time now thinking what i could write. so i decided -like every unsuccessful novel/fiction writer who chooses as their main character a failing fiction writer – to write about how i was unsuccessful in my various attempts to write.

if i were to describe this situation in the past, i would have likely said that i tore many white pages on which i put down one, two or at most three, sentences – sad, and torn, artifacts of unsuccessful writers. thanks to technology, we’re no longer doing that: we are now saving drafts and deleting them if what appears on those drafts appear similar to the nerve racking writings on paper (before they are torn).

anyway, so after writing and deleting couple of drafts, here we go! if there is anything better (or worse, depending on your taste) than starting with the story of unsuccessful attempts at writing, it is the act of telling the reader what you are about to write in the days to come. well it is 11.10 pm and i am supposed to submit this piece by 11. 59 pm today, another way of saying that i’m desperado. so, amigos, i’m lowering my standards -for once, though, believe me- and utilizing all the dirty tricks of a desperate writer who needs to write.

but wait a minute, it’s done already. i’ve written more than two paragraphs, and still counting. so i need not use the second trick, that is telling you what to expect in the days to come. so you will have read, if you read all the way to here, an utterly empty piece of writing, which indeed is the most devilish, and only, trick of all writers. but indeed, that’s why we like them, don’t we? how did the saying go? “After all, nothing can be as astounding as life. Except for writing”.

welcome to the labryinth of mr turem’s brain and soul, the spring which you will read tales from. see what he writes, what he picks and what he chooses. catch him if you can, oh please catch him and let me know if you do.


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